Saturday, 8 June 2013

The fall of Singapore inevitable?

Is the Fall of Singapore Inevitable?  This question may have many different response, there may be a majority that says 'No, its not possible!.' But in my opinion it will be a yes, reason being?

say no to an overpopulated singapore 

1) The PAP government is no longer capable of ruling Singapore, yes we can agree, Lee Kuan Yew did a pretty much good job in building up Singapore, but as time progress, they have changed. The citizens are starting to lose trust in the government. Moreover with the recent new ruling by MDA to control internet, white paper for 6.9 Million population, new ruling by MAS to curb cars in Singapore, rise in cost of living, rise in elitism in Singapore lastly rising number in the number of foreigners. These has already brought about much unhappy towards the government.

2) Opposition, I am not trying to say that the opposition party are  useless and unable to garner votes nor control Singapore, but by the time the PAP government are thrown down from power, and the oppositions are to take over, it will be not easy for them to regain control of Singapore, what we may see everyday are protest, strikes and riot. This can be easily related to many countries around the world in the past century, with a tyrannic government it will bring about resentment. Some may say there is still another General Election we can change the government the government will be constantly changing, each time the government is changed, each time things will get messier and messier, as new policies and change does not have enough time to take place. Thus the government themselves will cause the fall of Singapore.

3)   The number of foreigners in Singapore is constantly increasing, and the number of Singaporeans leaving are also on the rise, we may see a time where there is only foreigners in Singapore, and the big question is what does Singapore has to offer for them to stay here permanently? So after sometime the population will start shrinking once again.

4) Sustainability of our population, Singapore has no natural resources, some main sector which makes up major part of our economy are  medical equipment, SMEs and tourism.  Main question, should we depend on tourism? Singapore is a very small country what that is interesting for tourist can be easily be seen in less than a week, and out of 10 how many will come back again? Is tourism sustainable in Singapore? You say for yourselves. With the current policies, will many people start their business here? Lastly medical equipment, my
opinion is we should actually focus in this sector, why you may ask? During a economy slowdown, which will you save on?  Going on a holiday or taking care of your health? 

My prediction would be that come 2018 Singapore economy will crash badly from the economy crisis. Look at the pattern  since Asia started booming.

1988: Crisis started from the West
1998: Crisis started from Asia
2008: Crisis started from the West
2018: ?

So we should start preparing and brace ourselves for it. As based on my prediction, once Singapore economy crashes, the government will fall as well in the 2021 election and on a side note, the economy crisis this time will not be of anything minor, it may be worst than the Great Depression in the 1930s.

All these are only my prediction, who knows it may not goes as what I have predicted? But one thing that is for sure the government will soon lose its power. Nothing stays in power all the time. Only time will tell.

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” ~  Gandhi

Source: Chloe Junior TRS Editor

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  1. Entirely agree with you, even before 2018 the crash will be felt as off today even, the rise of prices of food, MRT, HDB and more will show you the signs of coming economic bubble burst, once the Singaporean economic bubble burst the domino effect will follow towards America and create a even bigger side effect on Chinese loans lended to America making the entire Asian economy crash.