Monday, 3 June 2013

Why it is desperately important for the PAP to do all it can to stay in power

I have shared this before and i feel it is important to share it again in light of the new licensing regime imposed on online websites.

The PAP has to ensure that it stays in power by all means as it has too much at stake. It is to them inconceivable, what the retributions would be should they be overthrown from power…. For that would mean a scrutiny of all that it has done over the years that it was in power. There are just too many skeletons in the closets for them to be comfortable with the handing over of power to another political party. Just take a look at what Aljunied GRC has uncovered with the AIM transaction.

Imagine what else would be uncovered if an opposition alliance comes into power to form the next government?

For Singaporeans, it would be good to take the chance by getting an opposition government into power, at least, to take stock of what the PAP has done in the last fifty years. In other words, we, the citizens, take the chance to regain the power in our hands by voting for a different government, to see what the PAP has actually done in the last twenty years, at least.. We take it that the first thirty years were good years.

It is a small price to pay even, if say, the opposition government fails us. At least we know that the next PAP government is going to be more citizen-friendly than this arrogant one. Really, we have nothing to lose.

In my opinion, the WP and SDP are looking more and more like political parties we can take a chance on. Ask yourselves, what can be worse than having the new PAP running away with arrogance, disrespect, and haughtiness?

Singaporeans, we should stop considering what is at stake for the PAP.

We have to start asking what is at stake for us and for our children. Do you see the new PAP delivering to you what you want? Your CPF, your home, your ability to move around with your car, your thoughts control etc are questions you should start asking yourselves.

Listen closely to what the other alternative parties are promising you. Are you afraid to get some returns of what you and your parents have invested in and worked hard for? Your parents sacrificed their lives for your well being. They expected the PAP to deliver to you what the PAP had promised them.

Today, you are going through the same cycle for your children, without any of the promises they made to your parents fulfilled. In fact, your parents are still slogging away when they should be retiring. They are slogging away to allow you to slog for your children. Your twilight years is going to be worst than your parents’. They died thinking the PAP would take care of you. Is the PAP taking care of you as your parents thought they would? If you still don’t make the effort to think rationally, you will surely end up like your parents while your children end up worst than you.
After you have asked yourselves these fundamental questions, the next thing to ask yourselves is why it is so important for the PAP to make sure it stay in power? Do you think their obsession to stay in power is because it believes it has your best interests at heart? Or do you think they have to stay in power because they need to prevent the things they have done over the last fifty years from being exposed to public scrutiny? Why are they so fearful of the truth? There is only one answer; there are just too many things they have done wrong, so wrong that they may even be criminal in nature.

They are in so deep that any PAP defeat would immediately translate to a PAP collapse. And the collapse would be quickly followed by criminal charges for all the skeletons presently tucked comfortably away in their closets. All in the white family would come under scrutiny and anyone and everyone who had been appointed to positions of power will be investigated for foul play and breach of any kind.

It does not take a rocket scientist to follow the drift i am presenting here. The stakes for the whites are simply just too high to be left to chance. That is why, if it has to make every citizen pay to talk, the PAP will do that without even blinking the eyes.

Source:  The Alternative View


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