Saturday, 20 July 2013

What exactly determines a foreign talent?

A Foreign Talent is one who contributes to the economy, who initiates ways and means to sustain the economy and to further expand it by their initiative,talent, creativeness,ideas,suggestions, implementations, and make critical decisions regardless of what trade or profession they are in.

There are only two talents that all countries have either it is manufacturing or services.
Decades ago we had these foreign talents most were Caucasians, and all had disappeared, one by one.

These FT’s were not as what we have today, they were the highly educated ones with experience in their various fields.

They had never given us many or no problems in social issues, and were in fact well behaved.

They were not elites, or rich but who wanted to make a living and an impression as they were highly qualified. They had all gone for good.

The elites will only come here to invest only if they are rich and connected or invited.
So ,what really happened to these qualified FT’s is anyones guess? Frankly, knowing anything in Singapore governance is always a mystery.

All Singaporeans know that unless you are daft.
Fast forward today, we have foreign talents, but, they do not possess all the credentials of the former. They are simply employees with no teeth. They surely lack all creativeness or initiative but, are all employees willing to work their ass out to make a living for themselves only, in Singapore and for their well being back home.There is totally no contribution to the economy to the citizens well being at all except for the MIW, only.

Otherwise why are our jobs had been taken by them so easily when Singaporeans are highly educated till this day? They do not even speak our languages, their English is horrendous, so how did they became a FT.

Today, we have 25 of them being caught with their pants down with fake documents (‘25 FTs charged for submitting forged academic certificates‘), which we never had such incidences decades ago.

Singaporeans do not brush this aside as another 6.9 millions FT’s are on the way to our shores. Mr Ministers could you please explain to the citizens what is really going on in your heads and the ministries governing Singaporeans well being. Thank you.


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