Tuesday, 27 August 2013


We have read and experiences all sorts of problems besetting Singapore. It is not a matter of if but when Singapore will fail.
All previous PAP policies have lead us to the state we are in now. And the present PAP leaders are coming up with hare-brain stop gap solutions to plug up these policy failures; These failed policies which has in fact been ingrained and inculcated in all of us true-breed Singaporeans, especially the baby-boomers and those who are now in their 50s and 60s.

The notable doomed to failure major policies unilaterally imposed on us by PAP’s LKY are;
1) The stop at two policy – this needs no further discussion, except to add that our fertility rate is a mess now because of this hare-brain policy.

2) The Graduate Mother Policy – Another hare-brain policy by LKY – who does he thinks he is – GOD! Perhaps he can make his son marry whom he chooses but marriage is Made (or broken) in Heaven. It was a failed policy from the word go by an atheist.

3) Meritocracy – The first question we need to ask is – ON whose merit? Of course by PAP’s definition its – on PAP Merit. Every dumb hare-brain soul knows that for a certain job the person chosen is based on the merits required by the job. The PAP merit is anyone who can score straight As in the exams is merited to be able to do anything and everything in high office -BULL SHIT!

4) Meritocracy has lead to Autocracy – When the Study smart (merited) person is placed at the top of the pyramid. He automatically thinks he is the best brain to run the show, the people below him will perpetuate this believe. And so only top knows what to do and what is best. And because he doesn’t really know what everyone believes he knows; he uses wayang and cronies to show him to be what he is not. In the end the company or department he runs is doomed to be inefficient and ineffective – what we are all seeing now.

5) Creativity will never bloom in an autocratic organization because anything out of the box makes the boss uncomfortable because they become more insecure. It not in the rules and regulation. Its not possible. Its a stupid idea. This is the reason Singapore’s Economy is not able to ride the creative bandwagon like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, even Malaysia ..I dare say.

6) Controlling the ability of Singaporean to upgrade to Degree level and making it very hard for capable Singaporean to upgrade their educational qualification within Singapore. Yet we know for a fact that Singapore needs to capitalise on its human capital to the maximum.

7) Last bit not least, the hare-brain mass importation of FT to boost the economy, a very myopic stop gap solution that will cause massive non-repairable and irreversible damage to this beloved country of ours Singapore. Damage will make this Nation of ours FAIL BIG TIME.

For that good citizens of Singapore – Singapore will be Doomed to failure…unless we collectively do something by 2016.

I implore all Voting Singaporeans to think hard for the sake of out future collectively to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR OUR BELOVED HOMELAND – MAJU LAH SINAGPURA!

Source: VJ Kumar

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