Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Grassroots members chase away foot court patrons to ‘chope’ seats for PAP MP

10th April 2013

According to a Stomp report, 2 netizens have expressed unhappiness at being chased away from food court tables in Bishan by grassroots members claiming to be reserving tables for an MP and other volunteers and grassroots members.

It was reported that the grassroots members “chope” the tables for as long as 2 hours.

The incident happened at the foot court in Block 511 of Bishan, between 9:30am to 11:20am on 7 Apr (Sun).

One netizen said, “This picture was taken showing volunteers (in red) ‘chasing’ people away from the smoking zone just because they said that MP will be coming.”

He added, “Though I don’t stay in the Bishan area, I find this rather ABSURD! Must they go to that extent?”

Another netizen wrote, “During these two hours residents are enjoying their breakfast and lunch, and it seems this is a long affair.”

“Can’t these people share with residents?”

A reader also wrote in to TR Emeritus (TRE) exclaiming, “My goodness!!! Such thing also happens in Singapore!!!! This is really absurd!”

The reader asked, “If this MP goes to a restaurant, is he going to chase away all the customers?!?? If this MP goes to shopping centre, is he going to chase all the people away from shopping centre?”

“What if he goes to cinema? Is he going to chase away people? What if he goes to a swimming pool?!??!”

“What if he goes to the zoo? All of us must get out!??!”

It’s not known who the MP was but one can hazard a guess that the person is likely to be one of the MPs from Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. And looking at the Stomp picture, it appears to be a “she”. TRE will leave it to the intelligent readers here to make your own guess as to who he/she is :)

It certainly appears that PAP membership does have its privileges.

Source: TRE facebook

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