Friday, 5 April 2013

The rise of xenophobia against Singaporeans in SG

5th April 2013

With the mass importing of foreigners into Singapore, there is a new trend or classification arising where you see xenophobia on the rise amongst foreigners. One clear example is in the workforce, where Singaporeans are not hired for jobs that they are fully capable of managing and delivering.

Instead what you see are pockets of foreigners who hire their own native people to protect and secure their own interests. Such practices are xenophobic and a subset of being Singaporean-phobic.

Just look at your work place. Do you not see the foreigners forming their own clusters, and refusing to blend in like the rest of us Singaporeans did in the old days?

The social fabric of being Singaporean is destroyed and the real root cause is the epic failure created by PAP single-handedly.

The impact of such failed policies produces many ill effects on Singaporeans, such as stress, low birth rate, high divorce rates, overcrowding.

As the foreign population grows, there will likely be an increase in xenophobic recruitment practices at our workplace, where it will likely be focused and targeted on being Singaporean-phobic,

Eventually Singaporeans will lose their edge in the working world and one thing will lead to another where bills pile up, stress goes up and you can fill in the blanks of where we are going with this kind of destructible policy.

We have been subsidizing PAP for its failed policies and the only way to change the course of our Singaporean destiny is to wake up and say “NO to 6.9 MILLION” at Hong Lim Park on 1st of May and also we need to retrench our MP’s who claim they represent our voice in parliament and voted against our wishes in parliament.

There are many PAP supporters who lost their jobs and suddenly woke up to this hellish living nightmare of not even having a decent paying job in your own country not because you are lazy or not because you are not talented, but because we have agreements with other countries to give them jobs in Singapore!

So turn up in strength at Hong Lim Park to show we care for our future and we want answers on accountability and transparency, from the AIM’s 2 dollar sage , Brompton bicycle, the actual cost of HDB costing , release our CPF at 55, free medical, free education.

PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not PAP. We built this country and we put up with their failed policies long enough to see how it’s destroying our lives and children’s future.
See you there brothers and sisters and bring a friend along.

NS men, this is your true call of duty, our NATIONAL SERVICE!

What we do now, we echo in eternity!


Source: TRE


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