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Social darwinism taking its toll on Singapore's workers

2nd April 2013

social darwinism

According to all surveys and research, Singaporean workers are among the most unhappy on this planet. Sometimes ago, Lumese reported that Singaporeans has the lowest employee loyalty among countries surveyed. And Singapore rank the 2nd worst, for job satisfaction. Even 3rd world country like China is far ahead of us. And PRC Chinese is well known for shrewdness. It seems that they are in better harmony.

Today, Yahoo reported 56% of Singaporean workers planning to quit within two years. Ranstad which did the survey stated the following that spurs workers to leave.

  • Dissatisfaction with pay 
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Unpleasant work atmosphere

Two years back, research done by The Singapore Human Resource Institute highlight the following reasons for resignation.

  • Unsure of career progress
  • Lack of career opportunity
  • Achievement not recognised
  • Lack of learning opportunity, challenge in the job and expertise not valued
  • Dissatisfied with the boss

Extreme Social Darwinism in Singapore work place

PAP has actively encouraged and social engineered jungle culture in Singaporean work place. A good example is civil service. The bottom 10% are humiliated to the point that most of them leave on their own.

In Singapore, workers are manipulated. You will not get recognition even if you work hard or work smart. You need to make sure you are better than your buddies around you. In the end, workers in Singapore often back-stab one another.

Bosses in Singapore have tremendous power compared to many parts of the world. We are unhappy because we are under a dictatorial boss day in day out. The most important factor to survive in Singapore is not to excel in work, but to make your boss happy. You must stooge like the most shameless woman in harem. Even then, as there are too many sycophants in work place, bosses may not even appreciate your stooging. 

If a young man is too smart, the boss may hate him. Singaporean bosses are Machiavellian. Most ascend by playing politics, and despise hard work. They have a strong sense of jealousy against honest and intelligent workers. When they see a young and smart subordinate, they are guarded because bosses themselves may get replaced by smart subordinate, in retrenchment exercise.

The bosses are in charge of appraisal. Singaporean bosses usually have little moral values. They will rank someone low simply because he cannot get along with this particular subordinate, rather than base on actual output.

In Singapore, those who survive and prosper are often very dishonest and type A personalities. It is going to be worse and worse in the future until a point of time when the society breaks down.

Code word for Exploiting Workers

The below is the code code that bosses in Singapore often use for manipulations. Many workers take it at face value and eventually get distraughted.

You are not a team player

Boss want you to stooge even when someone bully you.

I will give you more responsibility

Euphemism for exploitation.

You must improve social skills

You hear that when your boss want you to stooge.

Need to increase productivity

Euphemism for exploitation.

I want to help you to improve in XXX area.

I am not happy in XXX area. I want to exploit you further.

Singaporeans need to be informed that there is no meritocracy in our society. We are a feudal state on the principle of exploitation and injustice.

Source: *Article first appeared on Veritas Lux

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