Friday, 29 March 2013

Inside story of why S’poreans aren’t taking jobs with decent pay

29th March 2013

Lately, there has been news of business owners complaining about Singaporean workers, that they reject perfectly fine jobs even with decent pay, lets say about $2500-$2700. But they are actually withholding information.

In the contract enclosed, we see that the business owner has drawn up a contract that gives 10 days of medical leaves per year, not to be taken more than once a month and also 7 days of entitled annual leave which is only available after 1 year of service with the company. This is far below the usual number of days given.

The company also offered two schemes of payment to the employee, one with employer CPF contribution and one without. Not sure if this is even legal, but it was promised that choosing the one without employer’s CPF contribution would result in higher take-home pay for the employee. Also, while not seen in the picture, should the employee decide to terminate the contract early, he/she is required to pay the company one month of salary as compensation.

The point I’m trying to make here is that while employers claim to give their workers decent pay and that it is locals who are choosy, they might actually be withholding information about the contract and job conditions which can be both unfair and exploitative.



Source: TRE 

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