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Singaporeans VS the PAP

23rd March 2013

singaporeans vs PAP
During GE2011 and beyond, many of us became keyboard warriors; hoping to raise some awareness for those in power that our country is not well. Just an apology from PM Lee prior to GE2011 and everything is back to normal. I can’t help feeling that the PAP elites had turned deaf AND dumb again. We are again being treated as “noises”.
Something just clicked during the Punggol-East by election. With the Prime Minister showing up to campaign for Dr. Koh, Singaporeans still voted out the PAP.  They said it was a by-election effect and quickly put up the 6.9 Million White Paper and push it through in Parliament.
Everybody was furious at what happened. The netizens were providing figures and facts that the increase in population is not justifiable. Seventy seven of the PAP MPs never listened to their constituents, not even Dr Lily Neo and voted AYES during the motion. For the 77 PAP MPs like Baey Yam Keng, Chan Chun Sing, Tan Chuan Jin and Tin Pei Ling who voted AYES; it becomes obvious that $15K a month is enough to sell your soul. Looking on the bright side, it could be the one and only 5 year’s term that they can be making this kind of income.
Then Mr Gilbert Goh organised the Hong Lim protest and close to 5,000 people turned up. So it begins…. Singaporeans no longer want to sit behind their keyboards anymore. They are more than willing to vote the PAP out, they are more than willing to participate IN PERSON to show solidarity with fellow Singaporeans to send a message to the ruling party. In fact, the real war has begun with the target set for GE2016. Everyone has been shouting this war cry “VOTE THE PAP OUT IN GE2016’.
I am very happy to read from some comments in my previous post “Can the PAP really be voted out in 2016?” that there are some elderly people and some rich people who had never voted for the PAP. Kudos! Keep it up!
Slowly but surely it has awaken a lot of parents to the fact that they have to stand up NOW for their children. They cannot wait till they see their own children slogging like slaves just to service their housing and car instalments every month. They DO NOT want to see their sons after serving their NS, not making enough money to set up a family. They DO NOT want their daughters to only look out for rich men to marry in order to have a comfortable life. They DO NOT want their children to have to migrate to other countries in order to make a living.
As a woman, I know how mothers feel to have your children staying far from you in another country. A child that you have brought up from a baby to where he/she is today. Remember all those sleepless nights when the child is running a fever? I have a friend who received a call from her son’s school informing her that there was an accident involving her son. Tears fell from her eyes immediately when she put down the phone without knowing the true extent of it. She rushed to the school immediately only to find out that it was a minor accident. This bond can never be taken from the mummy’s heart!
These type of mothers won’t let their children suffer in the future. If push comes to shove, they will make sure their husbands and all their relatives vote out the PAP come GE2016. Never underestimate a mother’s love for her children!
I know of many men who keep to themselves, biting their lips just so that their children can live a normal life in Singapore. Making sure that their children do not miss out on some of the things that other kids possess but not their own children.  I have a friend named Sebastian who thinks of every means to save money from the time he opens his eyes in the morning till he sleeps at night. He is drawing $2.2k a month and his wife is not working due to a prolonged illness.
He told me that with the constant increase in costs of living, he can’t save enough to give his children a normal life. He cries sometimes on his own when his family is not around him. He doesn’t want them to feel the pain he is going through. It was his wife who told me this when she found him crying one night by accident. These men are the real heroes. Gritting their teeth to bring up their family.
For all those PAP ministers, MP and sympathisers who come here anonymously to read, you should understand the actual pain some of your country men are going through.  These are the real heroes; those 5,000 Singaporeans who stood under the rain on Feb 16 are the real heroes and not you. My advice to you is to give us value for all the money you are paid. Show us that you have not gone to sleep like the previous bunch while still drawing an obscene amount of salary. Be real heroes to your fellow citizens so that your own children can be proud of you one day when they find out what you had done during this period.
As far as I can I see, the names of the 77 PAP MPs will forever be recorded in our short history for passing a motion that the majority of Singaporeans are against. In the future, all the young ones will just have to do is to google it and I’m sure wikipaedia will tell them everything. So be prepared, you WILL be judged by history and DO NOT ever think what you are doing now to your fellow countrymen will be forgotten.
Lee Kuan Yew is recognised as the Prime Minister who built Singapore through his sheer determination and guts. Goh Chok Tong will always be remembered as the Prime Minister who promised us Swiss Standard of Living but couldn’t deliver. Now, how would the history books remember Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong……hmm I wonder?

Source: Pamela Lin

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