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PAP in 2016: Reduced Majority or Voted OUT?

31st March 2013

None of us are paid a single cent for contributing our opinions to TR Emeritus (TRE). But every day you will read many many articles and opinions contributed by the so-called common people of Singapore. These people are compelled by their patriotism to voice out what they deemed as the incompetence of the PAP in governing Singapore at this point in time.

What remarkable feat the previous PAP had achieved is no longer good enough to supersede the elitist mentality of the current PAP leaders; who are threatening to destroy the identity of Singaporeans with their incessant pursuit of bringing in foreigners to boost the GDP just so that they can justify their high paying salaries. They have lost the morality to govern Singapore, in doing so has brought much injustice to the future of our children and to the lives of Singaporeans; sons and daughters of Singapore’s soil. Let me give you an example of one of their injustices:

One of my mentors is a burly man quite well known in the education sector. I won’t name him but this is what he said to me “Pam, we need to push the Government to look after the elderly in Singapore. I don’t believe in their bull-shit about a welfare state. I don’t believe in their logic of pushing everything about looking after the parents to their children. The children have their own family to look after and with the increasing costs of living, they are not equipped to look after their parents who are growing old. The Government should make it compulsory that Singaporeans who are 60 years and above receives free medical treatment no matter what their sickness is. This cost is peanuts to the Government if you look at the billions they have thrown away at Shincorp, UBS plus many others. They should also give a monthly pension to the elderly for their living expenses. (This I gather it must be because the Govt. is holding back all the senior citizens CPF monies)

I feel gutted to see so many old people collecting rubbish and becoming cleaners. They were parents to someone once. Don’t you want your own parents to have an easier lifestyle when they grow old? Remember, they once went through so many hardships just to raise you up. Don’t confuse filial piety with what they deserve from the state for all the contributions they had made during their younger days. The PAP is very good in putting wool over our eyes and coming up with skewed statistics in order to justify their actions.

If you had been observant enough, Singaporeans anger and frustrations are actually directed at the PAP. We have actually NO quarrels with the “Foreign Talents” but some of them like Sun Xu, Li Yeming and a few pinoys just don’t have a shred of common courtesy to know where they are before opening their blabbering mouths. So isn’t it very “calling a spade a spade” to say that it REALLY is Singaporeans against the PAP now with everyone looking forward to GE2016?

There are just too many comments posted on TRE and the Social Media shouting out the war cry “Vote Wisely n Vote out the PAP in GE2016” every day. Can this momentum be carried over to the year 2016??

So what do you think it’s going to happen in GE2016? Remember, Singaporeans have very short memories. Wong Kan Seng let Mas Selamat escaped in 2008 and yet he was voted back into Parliament in GE2011. Mah Bow Tan screwed up the whole housing market and yet again, he was voted back into Parliament in GE2011. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan with his infamous outburst  ”How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?” and yet spent hundreds of millions on the Youth Olympic over budget; was voted back into Parliament in GE2011. Don’t forget that at the height of these controversies, Singaporeans were very much heated up and asked for these Ministers to resign. They ignored the “noises” and yet were voted back into Parliament. In a way, we Singaporeans actually deserved to be treated this way by the PAP.

Now we are all heated up again because of the White Paper on the Projected 6.9 million Population target. The GE is 3 years from now. Can all these anger and frustrations be brought forward to 2016? Will the PAP come out with some election goodies and all will be forgiven? Will PM Lee bow down and kowtow this time to Singaporeans and his PAP will be returned to power in a Landslide Victory? I cannot predict the future nor do I have any statistics to show because I basically write from the heart. Based on past Singaporeans behaviour, there is a VERY high tendency that PAP will not be voted out come GE2016. Even losing the 2/3 majority will require a huge united effort by Singaporeans.

However, I do see some slight differences now. TRE and the Social Media are going to be the guiding light in keeping the fire burning in us till 2016. They are going to constantly remind us that all is not well in this small but precious country of ours. I won’t be surprised if TRE and the Social Media unite on the morning of Polling Day for GE2016 and remind every voter to look at the face of his/her child before going out to vote.

  • YES, look at your children’s face and see what kind of future you want for them.
  • YES, look at your parent’s face and tell yourself besides filial piety, you can make their lives better,
  • YES, look at an old person struggling in life and see for yourself if that is going to be YOU when you grow old.
THANKS to TRE and the Social Media as we have been awakened to the PAP’s:
HYPOCRISY (“We do not condone corruption” aka AIM saga)
ARROGANCE (Teo Chee Hean’s reply to Sylvia Lim “Not in our interests”)
ELITISM (Lim Swee Say’s “We are deaf to all the noises”)
SHEER STUPIDITY (Baey Yam Keng’s “Town Councils are NOT Public Institutions”)

Let’s hope Singaporeans have learnt our lessons and come GE2016, we WILL vote out the PAP or at least reduce their 2/3 majority !!!

Pamela Lin

Source: TRE

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