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More and more recruitment consultants and/or head-hunters are non-Singaporean

23rd March 2013

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Recent years, I have seen more and more recruitment consultants and/or head-hunters who are non-Singaporean. It can be a single man SOHO shop to an international global HR firm, more and more are flooding in. This makes me wonder why this has become an increasing trend in Singapore.
This month I was in town and I took a recruitment magazine called HeadHunt and did a simple tabulation as follows and it confirms my suspicion that we are having so many foreigners are being recruited as consultant/head-hunter.
I would like to bring a special attention to a statement made by foreigner recruiter named Ben from VoltAsia who wrote: “If you are an experienced C&B candidate and looking for your first role in Singapore, this could be your chance.” Isn’t this an open invitation to anyone whom has no experience in Asia to apply for this job?
As such, I would like to raise the following questions:

  1. Is Singaporean giving such job a miss because we lack the skill-sets to handle recruitment activities and client management?
  2. What value does this foreigner hired as recruitment consultant/head-hunter brings?
  3. Is this due to the reason that hiring manager or human resource manager is only willing to deal with their own kind, i.e. race, nationality?
  4. Is this the reason why we are seeing more foreigners in Singapore because these foreigners are bringing in their network of friends overseas and giving Singaporean PMETs a miss deliberately?
  5. Can MOM provide a statistic of EAs with further breakdown on the number of Singaporean placement vis-à-vis Foreigner placement done by the agencies
  6. Can MOM provide a statistic on the percentage of foreigners (type of passes) and PRs working in EAs in Singapore vis-à-vis the number of Singaporean hired as recruitment consultants/head-hunter? Are all CEI Certified?
  7. Why are foreign recruitment agencies located overseas allowed to source for candidates for their client’s Singapore operation?

S/N Name of Agencies Position Posted Names of Consultant FT Local* Remarks
1 HAYS Quantity Surveyor Joanna Reld 1
Logistics Process Manager Jon Tay 1
Senior Commercial Lawyer Clifford Wong 1
Asia Shared Services Change Manager Grant Torrens 1
Regional C&B Manager Vargin Yeke 1
Project Manager Kevin Immerman 1
Head of Compliance Ella Ngiam 1
Internal Auditor Will Russell 1
FX Operations Head Mark Spary 1
Finance Change Manager Shalynn Ler 1
Total HAYS 7 3 70% foreigner
2 IPS Search Marine Manager/ Casualty Underwriter/ Account Manager Malcolm Rozario 1
Regional Director/ Underwriting Assistant/ Financial Accountant Pinky Tan 1
Product Manager/ Investment Manager/ Private Clients Manager Richard Burfitt 1
Total IPS 2 1 67% foreigner
3 Michael Page Regional Facilities Manager Hasan Khan 1
VP HR, APAC Franck Johnson 1
Marketing Manager Andrew Davis 1
Recruitment Consultant Antoine Lamy 1
Experienced Project Manager Julien Raze 1
Sales Executive Hayley Cole
General Manager Adam Faulkner 1
Regional Finance Manager Ken Lim 1
Total Michael 6 1 86% foreigner
4 VoltAsia Regulatory Compliance Executive Siti Ridwan 1
Regional Supply Chain Finance Manager Yanni Maat 1
Regional Voice Engineer Charlene Ong 1
Director, C&B Ben Batten 1 If you are an experienced C&B candidate and looking for your first role in Singapore, this could be your chance.
Total Volt 2 2 50% foreigner
5 REED C&B Manager Ajitha Ranasinghe 1
Senior Regional Compliance Manager Paul Zhong 1
Key Account Manager Serene Tan 1
Total REED 1 2 33% foreigner
6 DRAKE Senior Recruitment Consultant Russell Harrison 1
Financial Analyst Geraldine Tay 1
Business Development Manager Jayson Ong 1
Senior Operations Manager Hayden Tan 1
Engineering Sales Manager David Gan 1
Total DRAKE 1 4 20% foreigner
7 Vertical Talent Senior Procurement Specialist Cedric Tay 1
Key Account Manager Pamela Baltazar 1
Tanker Operator Ananya Sinha Roy 1
Global Business Analyst Simon Triggs 1
Total Vertical 3 1 75% foreigner
8 Swiss inx Investment Manager Charanjiy Narang 1
Department Head Bryan Ong 1
Total Swiss 1 1 50% foreigner
9 GMP Junior Analyst Julie Wong 1
Compliance Manager Helen Lau 1
Credit Analyst Kit Yee 1
Securities Operations Analyst Sarah Kuan 1
Regional FA Ho Pang Ming 1
Claims Manager Jasmine Zhang 1
Key Account Manager Nicole Lim 1
Senior Project Engineer Grace Lee 1
IT Infrastructure PM Law Yi Fang 1
HR Manager Joanne Lee 1
Total GMP 0 10 0% foreigner
10 Recruitplus Cloud Solution Architect Alkie Liew 1
L&D Manager Rain Kuek 1
Total Recruit 0 2 0% foreigner
11 Chris Consulting Strategic Business Maricel 1
Wealth Advisor Linda 1
Private Trust Services Chris Leong 1
Retail & Marketing Manager Rosabel 1
Total Chris 1 3 25% foreigner
Grand Total (all agencies above) 24 30 44% foreigner
Source:- 07 Mar – 20 Mar 2013, HeadHunt Magazine
*Note: On the column “Local”, I am not able to establish if they are Singaporean or PR.

The above is further proof that PMET jobs that Singaporean can perform are being taken up by foreigners because of the loose unchecked open policies implemented by our ruling government.

From this magazine alone, 24 PMET jobs are being given to foreigners for reason/s unknown to us except the EAs, employers and our government. All I know is that one does not need to be a rocket or nuclear scientist to qualify.

Please feel free to comment and/or sent this to relevant authorities for their comments.

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