Saturday, 26 January 2013

A bruising lesson for Dr. Koh Poh Koon

26th January 2013

Dr Koh, a noted surgeon, surprised many with his willingness to stand on the PAP ticket in the Punggol East By-Election. Many have speculated on the reasons. Where angels fear to tread, Dr Koh boldly rushed in.

Now he’s suffered the humiliation of the electoral loss and will be the butt of nasty comments on the Internet in the days to come.

In all likelihood the PAP sweet-talked him into the fray and perhaps offered some tempting carrots (like a ministerial post).

If he had kept his ears close to the ground, he’d have realised two things.

One, the overwhelming resentment against the PAP.
Two, the induction of military men and TPL on the PAP ticket (via the back door GRC loophole) indicated that the party was scraping the bottom of the barrel in finding people to stand for GE 2011.

I sympathise with Dr Koh for his bruised ego. But netizens had forewarned him. Now their jibes will come fast and furious: “told you…”

Without doubt PAP has declined into mediocrity. Men of real talent seeing this latest political development breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t succumb to PAP sweet-talk.

Such able men place personal values like sincerity, human rights and dignity, democracy and service above fame and money.

They don’t see these values in PAP.

Roger Poh

article from TRE website


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