Tuesday, 8 January 2013

PR's son renounces PR to avoid National Service

8th January 2013

Apparently, an Indian national by the name of “Krishnaa Mohan” has posted a message on the Singapore Expats forum seeking information and advice.

He said that he was writing on behalf of “his friend”. He wanted to know what would happen to a person’s PR renewal (i.e. to get re-entry permit) if his son surrendered his PR just before enlistment to avoid NS. Refer below screenshot.

Screen shot from Singapore Expats forum page

The Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, said in Parliament last year that over the last five years, about a third of male foreigners who became PRs under the sponsorship of their parents renounced their PR status prior to serving NS (‘One third of male PRs renounce their PR status to avoid NS‘).

Dr Ng said, “Better don’t take up the PR if your children are not going to do NS. It’s as simple as that. In our system if you don’t fulfil your NS liabilities, even if you choose to give up your PR, there are harsh penalties.”

“The basic message to permanent residents is this: If you want to take up permanent residency for your children, please do so recognizing that they have to do NS as a duty and there will be a course if you don’t. So, it’s better not to take up PR if your children are not going to do NS.”

As Dr Ng says, there are “harsh penalties” for those who give up their PR status to avoid NS. They will not be given work passes to work in Singapore even if they want to after getting their degrees overseas. But they can still visit Singapore as tourists and spend tourist dollars here.

Read full report at TRE website

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