Friday, 18 January 2013

PE Residence: Take this opportunity now and say "NO" to PAP!

18th January 2013

Since the reign of ex-PM Goh CT, SG night sky has not been too bright. More and more Singaporeans are not getting happier and are not very keen in bringing another generation to a dreary land.  On the north of SG, did we know Rivervale Mall project was in shambles during PAP Michael Palmer’s watch? Was there more coffee shops and wet market under a PAP MP?  PE voter knows the answer.
PAP used to threaten voters with HDB upgrading, and it didn’t work in Hougang and Aljunied GRC.  They don’t need to repent.  Recently, PAP was found selling public owned Town Council’s software to private company owned by them to disrupt smooth transfer of town council to WP and engage in conflict of interest activities as well as not doing the right thing to protect public assets.
Singaporeans including PE residents are living in a period where foreigners are taking away our jobs or threatening our job security with their willingness to work for less and longer hours since they either got worse job offer back home or none at all.  Some were caught using fake qualifications.  A few insulted Singaporeans when here as guest either on scholarship or to make money. Supplement workers especially in service and construction industry is necessary though productivity must be increased to avoid over reliant on foreign workforce.  However, there’s no strong measure from the PAP ruling government to protect the PMET group of Singaporeans from the influx of foreigners.  Real wage increases for Singaporeans are also marginal vis-à-vis GDP growth, inflation and higher cost of living.
Train and buses are overcrowded and cars are getting out of reach for middle-income workers. Many worry about HDB affordability for their children and healthcare when they are old.  Many don’t like living in a country stifled by laws restricting civil liberties.  Many just don’t trust a government with unfettered authority and not enough opposition MPs in parliament to force them to be transparent and accountable for their conduct and governance knowing the SG constitution has many amendments doing away with democracy.  PAP has been ignoring citizen’s feedback and proposal by continuing with their damaging policies. PAP forced it on citizens through state controlled media propaganda and recently national conversation to explain away objections.
I hope Punggol East residents can realize PAP threats on denial of amenities are scare tactics to demean you.  Stand up to them! Amenities are important but not made available because of a PAP MP.
However, managing a Town Council is very important and fortunately for PE residents; WP with a proven track record is now contesting there. SG is run like a business corporation and national policies are what really affect residents and your children’s future.  Giving your votes to the opposition MP candidate from WP to send her into parliament just like what the Hougang SMC and Aljunied GRC residents did, can force the PAP government to be more circumspect and reverse their damaging policies.  Then another star will brighten SG’s land a little.
article contributed by Starfish

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