Saturday, 12 January 2013

Plea for unity among opposition supporters

13th January 2013

To all brothers and sisters who wish to save our country from ruins, please stop and think that you are only playing into the hands of the PAP, when you start attacking each other.

Both SDP and Workers Party are making big sacrifices to give Singapore back to it’s people. It is not wrong for SDP to make approaches to Workers Party for the simple fact that it will show togetherness and the willingness to work together for the larger good. Look at Malaysia as an example. The opposition only made larger inroads when they formed Pakatan Rakyat, where all the different parties came together and fought the elections.

This is the first time in Malaysian history, where the crooked government is on the back foot and might lose power in the next elections. Today is a great day for Malaysia, because first time in it’s history they are going to have an approved rally of an estimated 100,000 without any police presence. The respective opposition parties have rallied 10,000 supporters from different parties to help manage the rally. This is called opposition unity.

Attacking the Workers Party for being arrogant is totally wrong. They probably have their own strategy in place and what makes you think they are not putting on a drama together with SDP to send the PAP goon squad into a sense of false security.

So for Fark’s sake stop this petty bickering and come together, be it the WP or SDP contesting. It is definitely going to be only one of them, because these brilliant people know better than to run against one another.

There is the PAP internet brigade out there, already stirring shit. Don’t fall into that trap. This whole divide and rule strategy has been the hallmark of the PAP, that is how they have hung on to power so long.

Come together dear brothers and sisters. Ignore all personal attacks on the SDP and WP. Majulah Singapura and let’s the a**hole packing at Punggol.

Man with the Plan

article from TRE website

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