Friday, 25 January 2013

CNA forum thread on HDB policy loophole mysteriously disappears!

25th January 2013

Refer to the TR Emeritus (TRE) article, ‘HDB policy loophole helps New citizens get BTO flats faster than Native Citizens’:

The CNA thread that the writer is pointing to in TRE article has mysteriously disappeared:

To add on, it looks quite obvious to many people here that PAP Minister Khaw made this rule to benefit a certain class of citizens. With this loophole in HDB policy, it is now clear that native Singaporean citizens are at a serious disadvantage when applying for new BTO flats!

The moderator of the CNA forum has deleted the thread with comments which spanned 11- 12 pages. The intention is clear – they are censoring the truth!

With the by-election ongoing now, it is vital that voters should bring up this issue during the rallies by Workers’ Party.

Hoping that this can be done as fast as possible. Thank you.

Down with PAP

article from TRE website


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