Monday, 14 January 2013

How many are fake University or Diploma Certificates from Foreign S & E passes foreign workers?

14th January 2013

There has been talks of a rising number of cases where foreign workers submitted fake University or Diploma Certificates when they apply for "S" & "E" passes. Many were not detected and they were caught only when someone blew the whistle.

It is questionable as to how did the Ministry of Manpower check the authenticity of these Certificates from hundreds of thousands of  "S" & "E" pass applicants?

Did they also check on the Employers and Employment Agencies who applied on behalf of foreign applicants?

Why do MOM even allow Universities which are of the lowest world ranking and worst many Universities and Institutions are unheard of . . . to be granted a work pass? 

Is the MOM saying that Singaporean graduates from local and well known foreign Universities, Polytechnics, ITEs are inferior to that of unknown Universities and Institutions?

MOM should only allow foreign graduates of well known Universities to apply for such passes. And not any Tom, Dick and Harry. This also serve as a filter for bringing in quality foreign workers, not rojak and fake foreign talents. It is not surprising many Singaporeans labelled them Foreign Trash and not real talents.

Isn't there enough Singaporean graduates to fill up these job vacancies? 

The MOM must be questioned and taken to task if there are indeed negligence on their part to have failed to check on these foreigners with fake certificates. 

The 40% of us have submitted our deep concerns to the Workers Party's MPs to question the Acting of Manpower Minister Tan Chuan Jin during Parliamentary sittings.

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