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Town Councils are public institutions says Tan Cheng Bock

9th January 2013

Doing the Right Thing.

Straits Times
Many a time we have been reminded by our leaders that we must do what is right. This is because we want fairness for all.
The recent controversy of town councils (TCs) allowing the ruling political party company (AIM) to buy over and manage the IT software programs of TCs, beg a few questions, especially when the company may not serve ‘due to material change’, an opposition ward. 

This soft ware is developed using public funds by town councils. Is it right for the TCs to give up ownership in this manner? 

For the good of all Singaporeans the administration of public institutions like TCs should be seamless when transiting after each Election.
So did the Town Councils as public institutions do the right thing, selling to a company owned by a political party with its own agenda? 

People are also puzzled by why the software programme was sold to a dormant $2 company owned by the ruling political party. This company obviously could not manage and sub the job back to NCS.

Another question asked: the TCs have been successfully using the IT program supported by expertise from NCS, the developer of the system. Why introduce a ‘middle man’? Surely, if the IT software program needs an upgrade or redevelopment it is better the TCs, as ‘user’ should be working directly with the developer eg NCS. The TCs already have the experience getting the first software done.

NEXT, did this arrangement having the middleman raise costs for the TCs, which their constituents will ultimately bear? As AIM is now the owner, is it going to pay the costs for any upgrade or new software development? How much is AIM then going to charge the TCs, which now is at the mercy of AIM?

As TCs are public institutions, citizens are certainly uncomfortable with political party owned companies transacting with the TCs

Much more clarity and transparency are needed.

Read more news on Channel News Asia website (AIM deal begs questions: Tan Cheng Bock)

Article from Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's facebook page
Dr. Tan is an ex-PAP MP and 2011 Presidential Candidate 

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