Wednesday, 9 January 2013

AIM saga: PAP Sec-Gen must take the ultimate responsibility

9th January 2013

The PM is left with no choice but to convene an investigation. However, we are not going to see this as a separate matter to the subject of integrity. The questionable dealing in the AIM affair is a PAP issue, a party issue which the Secretary General must take responsibility for – like how it had called for LOW THIA KIANG to take responsibility for a party member’s personal infraction once.

Since the MND investigation is going to involve more public funds, we the citizens demand a role in the investigation process. What we do not want is for the investigation to run away with itself and along with the PAP members helming it.

As members of the larger society that is Singapore itself, as Singaporeans, we want to know every detail that had gone into the transaction which involved our monies, and for which it was handed over to a ‘private’ PAP political entity.

Over and above all, we want to hear the PM on what his position will be if the outcome of the investigation indicates a transaction that is not lawful, or expose a degree of unlawful dealing.

As secretary general of a party that has constantly assured and declared that it is squeaky clean to every cracks, and being a declaration which has been sitting well with the people, and for which the people has come to accept as a political standard in governance, the PM, as secretary general, must declare that he and he alone will take full responsibility.

He has to come clean and tell Singaporeans what he will do in the event that the investigation reveals untoward dealings. He certainly cannot continue to be leader if his leadership of the PAP becomes a questionable one by virtue of the quality of its members.

Article from The Alternative View

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