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Letter to SDP: Self first or Nation first?

13th January 2013

Dear SDP,

I have read many netizens comments on this coming By Election of Punggol East SMC.

Many have requested that SDP and all other political parties not to contest and graciously allow only WP to contest against PAP. There are strong compelling reasons why SDP should not contest this By Election in Punggol.

First, I do not have to be in Low Thia Kiang’s shoes to clearly understand why WP is not responding to your invitation to meet. In GE2011, all main opposition parties met and all of you agreed in going all out to avoid a 3 corner fight against PAP. This is a fact and bodes extremely well in the interests of political maturity in Singapore. I am sure that the SMC ward of Punggol East in GE2011, was discussed back then and both RP and SDP agreed not to contest, allowing WP “supposedly” to have a One on One fight against PAP’s Palmer. Then SDA contested, making it a 3 corner fight. 

The results were hardly a 3 corner fight:
41.01% to Lee Li Lian of WP
54.54% to Michael Palmer of PAP
4.45% or just 1,387 votes to Desmond Lim of SDA

SDA, did not agree to a One on One contest. They selfishly and egoistically fielded their candidate and end up with a 3 corner fight.
Did SDA act in the interest of Singaporeans who wanted greater alternative voices in parliament by stubbornly contesting knowing jolly well that a 3 corner fight chance for a opposition win is very slim?
The final GE2011 results in Punggol East SMC was a resounding NO NO for SDA by the electorate…. a mere 4.45%. Since SDP agreed to let WP contest in Punggol SMC in GE2011, why are you now considering fielding your candidate? Isn’t this a selfish act?

What if the By Election is not in Punggol East SMC but in YUHUA where PAP won with 66.86% (DisgraceFul) and SDP got 33.14% (Teo Soh Lung) and assuming the current MP also has extramarital affairs and need to resign and a By Election is called? What if now WP insisted and wanted to contest even though in GE2011 it was a One on One fight between PAP and SDP? How would you feel?

And if same applies, WP Chairman Sylvia Lim keeps sending you an invitation to meet and discuss to avoid a 3 or multi corner fight? What do you think?
Many die hard 40% are exclaiming WP is Wayang Party and so silent on matters in parliament. I disagree.

I believe Workers Party seldom talks… but they bite when they open their mouths. Anyway, if you don’t open your mouth so unnecessarily often – those Pigs will not be able to figure out what’s on your mind. This is the only way to deal with those dirty pigs. Do not fault WP approach as history of the pigs have clearly demonstrated and shown that Pigs love to hit below the belt.
So SDP, what do you want from WP out of this meeting?

WP already informed publicly that they will be fielding their candidate.
You mean you want WP to sit down in the meeting and inform you… Yes we will be fielding Li Lee Lian or Back again Yaw Shin Leong or their ace card Tan Cheng Bock etc etc? The writing is clearly on the wall so what do you want SDP? Plea bargain for GE2016 electorate division? Come on… If this info gets out, SDP is finished …better close shop.

If SDP is a politically responsible party and wants true democracy, freedom of speech, truly subsidized public housing, very much affordable healthcare (we can fall sick in S’pore and dun have to rather die than to fall sick in S’pore), equal affordable educational opportunities… and above all – SINGAPOREANS FIRST society, be patient and stay out in this By-Election.

I am not a die hard WP supporter – I will support ANY reasonable/citizen caring opposition party that has the best chance to win over any PAP candidate as PAP policies has failed us Singaporeans miserably.
In my view, SDP is a reasonable/citizen caring opposition party… so far – but you do not seem to have the best chance in this By Election.
Base on the current circumstances, WP has the best chance and first priority amongst all opposition parties, to contest the By Election of Punggol East SMC.

Gain the respects of Singaporeans… And more votes for SDP will come in GE2016.Do not contest By Election Punggol East this time around.
The Nation’s interest comes first and not the party’s interest.


The letter was sent to SDP and copied to TRE

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