Monday, 31 December 2012

AIM saga – member of public files complaint with CPIB and AGO

31st December 2012

A member of the public has mailed hard copies of the following letter to CPIB and the Auditor-General’s Office, asking the two Government agencies to investigate any irregularities arising from last year’s sale of the Town Councils’ computer and financial system to AIM Pte Ltd.

In the letter, the member of the public brings up a number of questions. He asks if the tender exercise is similar to the one in the scandalous NParks’ Brompton bicycle case.

He also asks if it was in the best interest of the public for the Town Councils to sell the system to a private company and then to rent it back?

Another issue is the $140,000 price tag – the price paid by AIM for the system. Was it fair? Also, why did the Town Councils accept the bid from a $2-company, AIM?

Read details of the letter to CPIB and AGO at TRE

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