Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reflect on yourself PAP government

Straits Times

8th November 2012

Congratulation to US re-elect, President Barrack Obama. 

You fight the elections "gentleman style", unlike the PAP using unscrupulous tactics like gerrymandering, a stupid unfair GRC system, a biased & controlled main stream media, verbal attacks on the opposition members, indirect vote buying with public funds and many more . . . to your imagination. Last but not least, you lead the the world's largest economy, a super powerhouse with only an annual salary of USD 400,000. 

Mr millionaire PM Lee, shame on you and your incompetent ministers - what we are today, citizens are screwed.
You lead just a tiny island, a piece of crumb compare with the US and you write your own fat pay cheque of USD 1.7 million (SGD 2.2 million) annually - the highest paid politician in the world. 

You will never ever have my vote! Good Luck Singapore!

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