Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thanks to our liberal but flawed foreign labour policy

27th December 2012
Straits Times

This is one of the many loopholes employers are trying all means and ways to go about hiring young, educated foreign professional which are cheaper, better and faster. They have no NS obligations, no employers' CPF contribution and are contracted.

Thanks to our ex-Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong and NTUC Labour Chief Lim Swee Say - their flawed liberal foreign labour policy.

We have a sizeable pool of well educated, skilled and qualified white collar workers who are unemployed. These workers are best tapped for their relevant experiences, skills and qualifications. But employers are shunning them. Why?

Unfounded and baseless reasons given by the employers are no Singaporeans are willing to take up the job offer, they are choosy, they expect high wages, they are slow and unproductive, tend to take sick leave, maternity leave and many more.

However from the job seekers side, they were told either they are over qualified or under qualified. Many unlucky ones are not even given an opportunity for an interview especially those age 40 and above. In fact age is also a factor employers discriminate. Many remained unemployed for at least 2 years and longer. As a last resort they have turned to working as security guards or driving taxis.

We have come to this sorrowful stage where the PAP government has looked at true born Singaporeans as mere digits only good for the economy and GDP growth, all boils down to their performance bonuses. Million dollars public servants pegging their salaries to the highest earners in the public sectors giving reasons of preventing corruptions. Its not surprising many Singaporeans have said that the PAP government is running the island like a Corporation rather than a nation with compassion and care. Its all about money, growth at all cost at the expense of its citizens and their self serving political advantage. 

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