Monday, 31 December 2012

PAP Town Councils’ historical habit of answered questions?

31st December 2012

After more than two weeks of the continuing saga of the town councils’ software, there are still so many unanswered questions.

Other answered questions historically?

The other obvious question that comes to mind, is whether there are other answered questions about town councils in recent years, which affect Singaporeans at large?

Well, here’s a list of what arguably, are some questions about town councils which never received straight answers.

* How much losses exactly did the respective town councils which invested in Minibond type products in the last financial crisis of 2008/2209 suffer?

* Why is there not greater transparency on town councils’  investments? (“$1 billion in town council funds : What’re they used for?“, Dec 3, 2007)

* Why is it that despite much higher government grants, the Service and Conservancy Charges (S & CC) have historically, generally been higher than the opposition wards? (“$2 billion in PAP town councils’ sinking funds but need to increase charges?“, Mar 18, 2010)

* Why were the rules for the use of town councils’ funds changed such that the opposition wards could no longer use enough of  their accumulated  funds for lift upgrading, without residents having to pay anything? (“Residents willing to pay more for service and conservancy“, Dec 2, 2007)

* Why is it that according to Aljunied town council’s annual report for 2008/2009, the Conservancy and Service Receivables Provision for impairment was apparently written down by about 99 per cent compared to the previous year’s (2007/2008)? (“Town councils’ report: More cash-strapped families in opposition wards?“, Dec 15, 2012)

* Why is it that town councils’ with operating and accumulated surpluses also need to increase S & CC? (“Each town council different, but raise charges together?“, Oct 3, 2012)

* Why is it that Aljunied-Hougang town council can cut its S & CC after it took over the ward? (“Town council: $4.38m surplus – still increase fees?”, Jul 26, 2012)

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