Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Will high influx of foreign talents depress wages?

14th December 2012

With endless high influx of foreign talents who are not really talents after all, our children in Polytechnics & Universities stand to lose out in terms of earning power. It is also known and some were caught submitting fake university certificates inorder to qualify for the S & E pass permits. Some of their university certificates are unheard of, some are of lowest ranking. Sadly the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) is suspect sleeping on their jobs. With hundreds of thousands of applications, do you think MOM has enough officers and enough time to check the authenticity of each certificate? Chances are they will just scan through quickily rather than conduct thorough and indept checks on each applicants. 

Every SG parents expect his or her child to have a well rounded education so that they could have a good headstart in their career progression. 

So as a parent ask yourself (if you support the flawed work pass system), after investing so much on your child's education, do you want to see them earning a suppressed salary of S$2,000 or maybe less? Do remember there are plenty of unscrupulous employers out there exploiting workers, the cost of living and inflation will never head south. Then, what is the point of expecting them to get good grades and excel academically? Do you want your child to end up a lowly paid engineer, doctor, lawyer, manager? Most employers now cares so much on the bottom-lines than hiring real talents. Sad, isn't it? 

Imagine if your child is not that academically inclined, he or she will be left far behind. Common sense. That's the real danger. I hope you now "see" this danger. Unless you have an exit plan to migrate and start a better life there. 

Good luck SG.

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