Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stop exploiting others

8th December 2012

SG, we ought to reflect deeper. Stop exploiting others.
Read below article by an anonymous writer.

The SMRT drivers have very little support in real life. Most of their support comes from disgruntled people typing in cyberspace.

You see, many of us Singaporeans hire maids. We make them work very long hours each day, and vast majority of us are openly against giving the maids one day off a week. And we expect the maids to accept a low wage of less than $500 even though the maids are providing an essential service.

We treat construction workers and toilet cleaners the same. We genuinely expect them to accept low wages, long working hours, poor work conditions, maybe even dangerous working conditions, in return for a low wage and non-existant benefits.

And even after this, we can still go to our church/temple/mosque with a clear conscience and ask our god to bless us with more money and better health.

Many of us do sleep well, enjoying the work hard of those who toil under poor conditions and low wages. And we have vested interests to keep things that way simply because we have gotten away for so long with such behaviour.

Before you curse me and disagree with me, ask yourself how much do you pay your own maid. Do you give your maid rest days? ~ Anonymous

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