Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Work pass system is totally flawed

14th December 2012

Until today, the PAP government denies influx of foreigner workers (mid skilled) had depressed wages of Singaporeans. The work passes system (S & E) is totally flawed. Why?

Employers generally want to be lean and keep cost low, so as to increase bottom lines.
1. Singaporean male, completed NS, graduate with a general degree, no work experience, asking S$ 3,000 starting pay, employer also need to contribute 16% employer CPF.
2. Foreign male, no NS obligations, holding a general degree in his/her country of origin or overseas, no work experience, asking for S$3,000 and willing to accept S$2,000 due to work pass requirement (S-pass), employer need to pay S$240-$500 monthly levy (depend on which tier the hiring quota reaches - acc to MOM data).

Which type of employee will the employer prefer to hire?
Will a local graduate accept S$2,000 starting pay?
The above answers do not need someone with Phd to answer.

Therefore, we the citizens need to pressure the PAP govt to freeze, tighten and reduce dependence of this category of workers for the good of our well educated Singaporean workers and our children's future! 

Majullah Singapura.

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