Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Strike free record broken by PRC workers

28th November 2012

Monday's strike by PRC bus drivers ended a long 26 year strike-free spell in SG. I am beginning to feel worried. Those who think it doesn't concern you, please think, it does.

Out of a total population of 5.3 million, 1.5 million are foreigners, working and residing here. Thanks to the PAP liberal labor policy, opening the floodgates with both eyes shut. MNCs & SMEs are also guilty, riding the opportunity to exploit them because they are cheaper in terms of hiring cost. 

SG is highly dependable on foreign workers in so many industries namely Healthcare, IT, Finance, Transport, Construction, Services ~ maids included, etc. Think . . . imagine, if these workers begin to hold strikes every now and then to air their unhappiness over salaries or work related issues, SG will be crippled and paralyzed. This is going to be WORLD HEADLINE NEWS. Now also imagine, will foreign investors have confidence to invest in SG? If these companies started to pull out of the country due to these frequent unrests, think again . . . . SG will loose their jobs. They and their families will suffer.

The PAP government is playing with FIRE. The PAP is starting the clock running on a time bomb. So SG, please WISE UP because it affects you and your family. This is also the reason why we the citizens are dead against this liberal foreign labor policy.

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