Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Are we who have faithfully served NS worth "peanuts" ?

23rd October 2012

Dear PM Lee. I would rather not have the free 1 year membership and $100 voucher to honor us who have completed our ORDNS cycle. Its an insult. I've served a total of 7 years active and 13 years reservist = 20 years. I would rather you honor us with:

1. Exempt from paying GST for life
2. Free education for our kids till university
3. Free medical and hospitalization till age 90
4. 80% subsidy for buying new HDB flat
5. Last but not least, release our CPF at age 55

Your gesture is half hearted. We risked our precious life (note: we only have one life) to defend the nation and your bunch of so call "FT" and this is what we receive. I really don't know what to say!

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