Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rediculous and outrageous; why should we pay?

14th December 2012
Straits Times 

Lui Tuck Yew. We reject your proposal. "NO" is our answer. The government & transport company should pay. Why are we SG paying twice? We pay 7% GST is akin to money from the government (tax payers funds).

As a Minister you go for easy solutions, the easy way out. Its so simple for you to raise fares but you fail to think and take into consideration the unfortunate and poor of the poorest. Fares keep going up 8 times for the past 10 years and will never be adjusted downwards. Also stop telling us you are issuing transport vouchers or give out subsidies to cushion the increase. These are one off and short term measures. As a Minister you need to have compassion and empathy. Remember, you are a public servant, not public master that lord over others. Your million dollar salary comes from tax payers. 

Be prepared to be voted out in 2016 GE if you continue to be this arrogant. Shame on you Lui Tuck Yew.

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