Thursday, 20 December 2012

Apology NOT accepted

20th December 2012

Services on the North East Line (NEL) have resumed after a disruption due to train fault. 

SBS Transit said full operations resumed at 5.18pm on Thursday. 

Earlier, a statement from SBS Transit said there was no service between Punggol and Little India.

The disruption was apparently due to a train fault at Serangoon station.

Free bus rides were made available at designated bus stops near affected NEL stations. 

SBS Transit has apologised for the inconvenience caused. ~ CNA

Your apology is NOT accepted. We want monetary compensation or free rides. You gave commuters so much inconvenience with a self proclaimed World Class Transport System and you intend to raise fares for your management's incompetence. 

I suggest for future breakdowns, these transport operators should give commuters a free ride for the whole day. What do you think?

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