Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Be truthful . . . employers!

Straits Times
3rd November 2012

What a load of lousy lame excuses! MNCs say: Cannot get people (workers)? 

My question is what type of people (workers)? Experienced, skilled or super cheap semi-skilled foreign labor for you to exploit and increase your bottom lines? We have lots of well qualified and experienced local (Professionals, Managers, Engineers, Technicians) PMETs readily available, so tap on them. 

In Hong Kong, there are no such issues, moreover the country has passed a minimum wage law. Our neighbour Malaysia has also adopted recently and many of our ASEAN neighbors. So why don't we see companies there closing and running away? You PAP government refused to have minimum wage law to protect volunarable unskilled and low wage workers from exploitation and you gave lousy excuses. So don't use scare tactics on us that there will be few jobs, companies relocating and all the bull shit! Thanks to you PAP for opening up the flood gates to cheap foreign labor. Employers have been exploiting on these loopholes for years. We the citizens will put a stop to your flawed policies for the sake of our children & their children's future! Majullah Singapura!

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