Thursday, 7 February 2013

BEWARE of the "Snake Oil" salesmen

7th February 2013

If you have been cheated from a unscrupulous sales person before, would you trust and believe him and his products again and so easily?

Beware of the "Snake Oil" sales man who always claim that his Company is reputable and produces product(s) that are of the best and finest quality, very effective and brings you great relief. And after you have trusted him and parted with your hard earned money, it turned out to be fake, a liquid of no beneficial properties as convincingly claimed. The PAP is likened to these "Snake Oil" sales persons.

In the 1990's, Singapore's 2nd Prime Minister Mr. Goh Chok Tong promised and assured Singaporeans a Swiss Standard of Living, More Good Years, More Good Jobs.

Fast forward to 2013 and 23 years later, currently under the leadership of PM Lee Hsien Loong, the eldest son of our first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew . . . these are what we got in return:

- middle aged Singaporean blue collar workers & PMET lost their jobs to cheap foreign
- a flawed S & E pass system that marginalized our mid-skilled and experienced middle
  age workers
- elderly citizens cannot retire comfortably, to survive they need to clean toilets, clear
  bowls, plates and cups at food courts and hawker centres,  pick up card boxes & aluminum
  drink cans from dustbins to sell, street busking and many other "specialized" occupations,
  cheap foreign workers are now seen competing for and taking over these jobs.
- high cost of new HDB flats, resale HDB flats reaching the million dollar mark,
- under build HDB flats
- imposed several cooling measures on public HDB flats
- insufficient hospital beds
- increasing medical costs
- increase in CPF minimum sum to $139K
- push back CPF withdrawal age to 62 now
- high COEs at $92K for small cars under 1600 cc
- more and more EPR gantries erected, estimated to be more than 80 gantries so far
- alarmingly low birth rate
- presence of not 1 but 2 casinos, most of the jobs goes to foreigners
- increase in social crimes and break down of families due to gambling
- frequent break down of MRT & LRT trains,
- illegal protest of SMRT foreign bus drivers over wages and poor living conditions,
- illegal protest of foreign construction workers over unpaid/unfair wages
- increase in Property Taxes, monthly Service & Conservancy Charges, MRT fares, etc,
- increase in Taxi flag down fares and surcharges, lengthen peak hours
- PAP owned AIM Pte Ltd saga
- spend tax payers money without our consent to fund GLC Private Bus Transport
- wages stagnant for more than a decade and some heading south to $600 a month. The
  minimal rise in wages eaten up by high inflation resulting in no real wage increase.
- a wide income gap between high & low income earners
- all time low productivity from the business sector
- high profile sex scandals of several civil servants and recently involved a PAP MP from
  Punggol  East
- escape of Terrorist Mas Selamat, who had planned to paralyze Changi Airport

the list is endless . . . . .

Now where is the Swiss standard of living as promised, Mr Goh?
Where are the "more good years" to sweeten the promise, Mr Goh?
Where are all the good jobs assured, Mr Goh?

No answers from our honorable Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. Not even a whisper!

On 29th January 2013 just after the Punggol East SMC by-election which was won by Workers Party Ms Lee LiLian with a majority 54% votes on 26th January 2013, Singaporeans are presented with a surprise from the PAP; a White Paper on Population targeting to increase population to 6.9 million from the current 5.3 million. From day one since the release of the White Paper, it aroused more anger and black faces from the ground. The whole of Singapore is awakened, the whole of Singapore is talking!

Transitioning facebook page

This has also prompted Mr. Gilbert Goh from Transitioning to organize a legal protest at Hong Lim Park, Speakers corner on 16th February 2013 from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. From its facebook page, it had garnered more than 1500 supporters intending to attend the protest.

Note that Hong Lim Park, Speakers Corner is a legal venue designated for mass public gathering.

Do not allow PAP to ruin our lives, our future, our childrens' future. Do not allow the PAP to destroy the nation which our forefathers and us true born Singaporeans have painfully built since our Independence day on the 9th August 1965. Let's Stand up for Singapore!

Majullah Singapura!

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