Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Workers’ Party’s Population Policy Paper: “A Dynamic Population for a Sustainable Singapore”

24th February 2013

The Population White Paper released by the Government recently is by far the most widely debated White Paper in Singapore politics — not only in Parliament, but also by the people of Singapore. This is understandably so as it has wide ranging implications for our nations’s future.

For five days, Parliament debated a Motion to endorse the White Paper. It was then passed following an amendment by an MP from the Government backbench.

After careful consideration of the proposal, the Workers’ Party (WP) opposed the White Paper and presented our alternative proposals in Parliament during the debate on the Motion.
The population issue is a major challenge confronting our nation and it affects each and every one of us and our future generations. It is not only a ‘numbers’ issue but also one that lies at the heart of our nation and our children. The debate continues in public even after the debate in Parliament has ended.

We would probably not be experiencing the current degree of angst over overcrowding if the Government had presented the White Paper to the people much earlier, instead of allowing population growth to surpass their planning target and failing to ensure that infrastructural development kept in tandem with population growth.

In view of the importance and complexity of the subject, as well as the fundamental differences between WP and the Government on the approach to tackle the population challenges ahead, we have decided to publish our Population Policy Paper. We hope this will enable Singaporeans to better understand the rationale and computations behind WP’s proposals. WP believes it is important to encourage further debate so that Singaporeans can make informed judgments on the population issue.

I would like to thank all the WP members and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make the publication of this WP Population Policy Paper possible. I would also like to thank all Singaporeans who have given us their support; your encouragement and engagement continues to spur WP on to serve the nation.


Download the WP Population Policy Paper

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