Sunday, 10 February 2013


10th February 2013

With so many objections to the population white paper, we have to ask ourselves, did those people who claimed to be your voice in parliament, truly represent your voice or did they represent the PAP voice in parliament?
With so many existing problems created by the existing PAP Govt, from the lack of building adequate public housing, resulting in prices soaring and eventually Singaporeans taking up a bigger debt ratio when foreigners sell the HDB flat and eventually cash out with their profits.
Take public transport, we need to use 1.1 billion of tax payers monies to buy buses, but then again you hear of the transport operators making huge profits.
Then you hear of the 4 billion loan to IMF, while Singaporeans here are struggling.
If the PAP cannot solve the present issues till today, no matter what they implement such as COE, ERP, GST, Cooling measures, all of seem to not work, how the heck are they going to solve the problems by mass importing a population?
Seems like the country is going to become a SLUM with overcrowding, and it is very worrying when they claim to need 6.9 million, what happen to all our profits from the sales of national assets such as our power stations , what happen to all the profits generated from Temasek and GIC, what and how is the monies used for ?
This is vital for Singaporeans because we want to make sure we have enough money to sustain the economy even with a small but intelligent population, please don’t be na├»ve thinking that foreigners are going to come here and solve our problems, they are coming here to reap the benefits of jobs, housing, and protection.
I am not xenophobic, but the PAP has created this mess to begin with and now their solution is to mass import population to sustain the economy and boost birth rate? What happen to all the foreigners that took up citizenship, why is the birth rate still low, are they leaving too because they don’t want their sons to do national service?
For this white paper on population, all Singaporeans should have a choice to VOTE on this, since we know that this is not what all Singaporeans want.
Please don’t tell us what is good for us, we have seen too much of problems arising from overcrowding this small island.
To my fellow Singaporeans, please don’t expect others to stand up for you, please unite by supporting the “Say no to 7 million population” at Hong Lim square on the 16th of Feb, our future is at stake here.
Represent your interest by being there, so much has been lost over the years, and things are going from bad to worse.
See you there fellow Singaporeans, do not live in fear or in favor.


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