Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WP MP Chen Show Mao: A red letter day

6th February 2013

Red-letter day

ESM Goh Chok Tong and former Minister Mah Bow Tan spoke near the end of parliament sitting today. I raised my hand after each of their speeches to ask questions but in each case was not called upon by the Dy Speaker. Well, I hope they read this.

ESM took pains to point out that 6.9 million is a planning parameter, not a target. I wonder if he remembers that the last time a population planning parameter was told to Singaporeans, it was overshot and superseded, and in double quick time, the effect of which still ails Singapore today.

Singaporeans are rightly concerned about the prospect of 17 years of more of the same, watered down or not.

A long term roadmap for our future needs to place its emphasis on the growth of our resident labour force, which helps more Singaporeans become economically active and independent.

Former Minister Mah said that the Workers' Party's proposal is tantamount to closing Singapore off to the world. Come again? 28% of our country's total population are foreigners who currently live here (not including PRs). This is one of the highest rates in the world. Under the Workers' Party proposal, the aggregate number of foreigners (not including PRs) in our total labour force will be held at the current level, even as individuals come and go. The aggregate number will be increased to top up our labour force in the event the growth in our resident labour force falls short of 1% per annum. How does this close us off to the world?

Source: WP MP Chen Show Mao's Facebook page


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