Monday, 4 February 2013

You don't get to see this for PAP newly elected MPs

4th February 2013

Straight to work for new MP Lee Li Lian

Newly elected WP MP for Punggol East, Ms Lee Li Lian

It was straight from her swearing-in ceremony to work for new MP Punggol East MP Lee Li Lian. 

Still wearing the smart black dress and blazer she wore to her swearing-in at Parliament, Lee arrived at her first Meet The People's session just an hour later to meet and greet over 200 residents. 

The sales trainer was all smiles as she walked to her table around 7:45 pm and immediately got to work, taking out documents from her bag to loud applause from waiting supporters and Punggol residents. 

Some came forward to adorn her with garlands and two presented her with congratulatory banners as well as bouquets of flowers.

The MPS session, which was held at Blk 135 Rivervale Street at the void deck, was overflowing with both residents looking to air their grievances as well as curious onlookers. 

Mr. Low Thia Khiang also lent his support

It was held in the open, with plastic chairs for waiting residents and makeshift tables for Lee and WP members to interact with residents. 

"I don't have a problem yet, just here to see our new MP and congratulate her," said retiree Leonard Sim, 65, who dropped by after his evening walk. 

"She seems very nice and it's great that she is starting to speak to residents so quickly. It's a good start." 

One support brought along banner and flower garland for Ms Lee

Pre-school teacher Siti Maryam, 31, originally came by wanting to meet Lee to ask for help about subsidies for her disabled son's education, but decided to come for the next session instead because of the sheer number of people. 

"I think I will come for the next one, maybe it will be more private. Today everyone is looking and watching, I prefer not to have everyone hearing my problems," she said. 

WP's Low Thia Kiang was also present at the MPS to lend support and guidance to Lee, as well as WP new face Daniel Goh, a sociologist who was introduced by the party during the recent Punggol by-elections.

article from Yahoo News

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