Thursday, 14 February 2013


14th February 2013

fake degreeAn Indian national, 35, Gursharan Singh, was caught using a fake university degree to obtain an S-Pass. The S-Pass allowed him to work as an assistant manager at laundry company R&R Express Services, drawing a monthly salary of $2,000.
He used the forged Bachelor of Arts degree from Punjabi University to apply for the S-Pass in Oct 2011 and managed to get his application approved.
The Ministry of Manpower found out last year that his Bachelor of Arts degree was forged. He was later called up for questioning.
In a separate case, he was caught molesting a woman executive while covering for a friend as a part-time cleaner at Bugis shopping mall last month.
The court heard that he brushed the victim’s buttock with his hand while pushing a metal trolley past her.
It’s not known why he was allowed to work as a part-time cleaner without the relevant pass since a work permit or S-Pass only allows the foreign worker to work for the designated company. It’s not known if the cleaning company is aware that it is allowing the Indian national to work illegally as a cleaner.
He admitted to both offences, and was fined $4,000 for making the false declaration using a forged degree and $2,000 for molesting the woman.
Now that the White Paper has been endorsed by the Parliament giving Lee Hsien Loong’s Govt a free hand to bring in further foreign “talents”, it’s unknown how many will be entering Singapore’s job market with fake or dubious degrees.

 Source: TRE website

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  1. Dear Mr/Ms "SG is my home",

    Are you willing to work in the laundry that the man was working? Or, will you do the work of a part time cleaner? I don't think so. Why bother yourself if someone comes forth to do the things you don't prefer doing. Who knows; he might be providing for a starving family! Take a chill pill dude.....