Wednesday, 6 February 2013

White Paper on Population: The Workers Party's Solutions

6th February 2013

"The trouble with the government is not that it lacks 20/20 foresight in infrastructure development, but that it fails to recognize that the problem is its immigration policy in the first place. The problems of low birth rates and ageing population lie in a social and physical environment that is not conducive to family life. 


Therefore, the solutions must be sought by focusing on promoting the quality of life of Singaporean families. By focusing on immigration, the government is using the cause of the problems today as the solution for tomorrow." -- Mr Low Thia Khiang


"白皮書內的主要建議是批准外來移民成為新加坡公民,添補本地人口增長的不足,然後把這些成為新加坡公民的新移民當成是"新加坡人核心"。...到了2030年時,新加坡人核心只占總人口的55% ...[但是]這些都是人,人的價值觀和生活的習慣都因環境,國情和習俗的不同而有異,需要時間磨合。...白皮書的人口數量預估[的增加],以我們的人口比例,我們的社會無法消化。" -- 劉程強先生


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