Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is Singapore a welfare state for the PAP elites?

3rd February 2013

We have to ask ourselves this question, is Singapore being treated as a welfare state by the PAP, where Singaporeans subsidize them over and over again for their failed policies and we have to face the impact time and again?

Look at all their failed policies, from public housing, influx of so called foreign talent, depressed wages, overcrowding, flooding, delayed CPF, and the list goes on and on.

How are we going to cope with a population of 7 million, this is a huge security threat, we seem to not have enough police man now and how about national service, we do national service so foreigners can enjoy jobs and public housing?

What about HDB ethnic quota, how is it going to work, now with the influx of foreigners who are given HDB public housing?

Do we even have enough hospital s and beds if an epidemic broke out?

We seem to be putting up with so much failed policies and this time, we all know what the so called Swiss standard of living is going to be like with a population of 7 million.

The root cause is that the PAP is a single point of failure, look at all the PAP MP’s keeping quiet, because their lives are not impacted with this mass population over drive.

With the mass influx of people, will we have to pay our ministers more salary, will they claim that the population has grown so in that situation, it means we have to pay them more?

I would rather have more opposition in parliament, so the PAP is the minority party.

What happen to our CPF investments, how do we account for the profits and losses?

We all should not be ignorant because in the end we may end up with a huge country debt, we all need to ask for transparency and accountability, the PAP prefers to keep quiet and not address these issues, but we have to ask ourselves, do we want to go on living like this in our own country.

Where we are slaves to the system, work till you drop dead and your children’s lives will be harder than ours?

Is this what we want for our Country?

Think and think about the future of our nation. Its falling apart, but some are still oblivious of the situation.

Wake up, and talk to your family and friends about the state of our nation, it’s the only one we have.

We should not subsidize the PAP for its mistakes.

article by Troy (Pro Singaporean!)

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