Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WP MP Chen Show Mao: Unlocking the value of our existing population more intently, before looking beyond our shores

6th February 2013

Someone sent me this note posted on FB. I am glad I have spoken up for ladies such as Janet, as well as the elderly and other viable people who can be integrated into our workforce. I spoke about unlocking the value of our existing population more intently, before looking beyond our shores. 

~ WP MP for Aljunied GRC Chen Show Mao

I know what I am wishing for today : )

Janet Tay: Seeing the parliament debate last nite, I agree with Mr. Chen Show Mao that we should tap on homemakers, elderly, etc to join the workforce instead of just concentrating on the increase of foreigners in spore. Mr. Tan , u may refute that this is just rhetoric, but in reality there are these groups of pple out there who want to go back to work but cant find decent jobs because of competition by the foreigners here. Do a survey if u dun believe!! One group like homemakers (graduate like me), aged 40-50+ sacrifice our good careers to look after our kids and now that they are grown up and we want to contribute to society again, cant seems to find decent mid-level jobs. The govt dept/bodies should initiate, eg set up special websites to attract these pple, think out of the box, instead of just focusing on recruiting foreigners or the young. We may be a bit rusty initially, but with good minds, we should be able to do our jobs well in no time. Currently, most employers (govt bodies as well) do not even want to reply us when we look for jobs, given the fact that there are more pple to choose from-the foreigners!! Pls look seriously in this alternative. I believe that there can be several solutions to a problem, need not be route A alone.


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