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18th February 2013

Letter written to Mr. Gilbert Goh from - organizer for the recent protest rally at Hong Lim Park, Speakers corner on 16th February 2013.

Dear Mr  Gilbert.

I did not attend the protest.  Honestly, sincerely wish I had.

Despite not attending, I followed closely online mostly via Temasek Review.
It brings joy and hope to see your event was so successful.

On my part, I post on Facebook messages which are in line with the protest’s message.
I wrote one about how I have many good foreign friends and how would love to accommodate, welcome and hang out my friends from all over the world as guests in my tiny apartment.
As guests, but not as my tenants.

I wrote about how much rental income that could generate for my parents but not without highlighting the decline of quality of life with such a scenario, as the apartment is unfortunately just that small.

I wrote that the same time the protest was ongoing, to spread awareness of the dire consequences of the White Paper.

However small my audience may be,  I did generate likes (even though not hundreds or thousands) from friends of all races, both Singaporean and Foreign.

I am telling you this because, despite the fact that there are many who did not physically attend, these very people are extremely passionate about Saturday’s message.

Trust me, there are many many more out there like me who share the same sentiments with those who were present at Hong Lim Park on Saturday.

The western and foreign media has shone well deserving positive light on the event.
Many have read articles regarding the protest on BBC, The Guardian, Bloomberg and Reuters to name a few, and many more will read regarding its success.

I have seen pictures and today, I got to listen to YouTube Videos of  the speeches recorded.
I CRIED listening to the National Anthem.

What gave it the extra ‘kick’ for me as that I speak and understand the Malay language.
The meaning of the National Anthem lyrics in such a context gave me goosebumps and I sobbed uncontrollably.

Even after the event is over, immortalized moments captured in video and audio is still capable to move those who were not present.

The message will live on for as long as we still care and crave a brighter future for our children.
Please, please do have a second Protest.

Light shone by the media has assisted your cause to open up the eyes of Singaporeans.
People (including myself) will not be as skeptical and paralyzed as they once were when it comes to the very idea of a Protest.

A second protest will show that many many more has joined the cause, and decision makers will (hopefully) have no choice but to reflect on the Motion they passed on the White Paper and amend their grave error.

Let the world pay attention to this issue as supporters of this view are too many and protests are too frequent.

We cannot afford to wait till the next election.
How many more new citizens will there be until then?
We must relentlessly carry on this struggle for a better future for us, and the future generations of Born and Bred Singaporeans.

Please do not let critics and skeptics think the event is a one-off affair.
We must keep reminding ourselves and the world that this will not be over until we gain our confidence  in the future.

Please please organize a second protest.

Thank you for giving the Average Singaporean a Voice and congratulations for the wonderful turn out and success of the event.
Hope to attend the second one.

A Singaporean.

Source: Transitioning website

Transitioning is a non profit organisation that reaches out to those who are unemployed and underemployed.

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