Friday, 22 February 2013

PAP is desperate to hang on to Power!

22nd February 2013

A government that has been in power for the last 5 decades has to take FULL responsibility for the social construct of this nation.

The flood-gates of immigration were open 2 decades ago to enable the PAP to remain in power through a stock-pile of new citizens as their traditional support base started to dwindle through age and natural attrition.

And, now the flood-gates remain wide open with the White Paper hurriedly ushered into effect without proper grassroots consultation. PAP MPs who swore an oath to protect their constituents had ALL failed their respective constituents by failing to consult the ground before they each voted. This is a blatant dereliction of DUTY.

Renown economists and sociologists have argued against the White Paper but even such esteemed opinion had been dismissed without discussion of any kind. In so doing, the PAP leadership has revealed its own Achilles heel - the PAP is DESPERATE to hang on to power. They have forgotten the basic truth about power, however, and it is this : Power is given to leaders by the PEOPLE in exchange for social benefits and the promise of a better life. That is the universal social compact that exists even in so-called communist regimes. When that contract is breached by the leadership, the PEOPLE can and will exercise its right to terminate the arrangement.

Source: Lawrence Oei

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