Monday, 4 February 2013


4th February 2013

After so many days after the announcement  of the White Paper , all  I can see are Posters  “Complaining” and “making Noises”  like Come 2016  ,lets Vote them out , Madness ,  don’t trust what he says………bla…bla…bla…..
As a Senior  Citizen & a Througbred  True Blue,  I  am  greatly “ Saddened” and “disappointed  with my fellow  Singaporeans”.
We never seem to “learn from past mistakes”.
Have we forgotten  similar incidents  of White Paper  on  the  Casino  &  Ministerial Salarys ?
Yes, many did “make Noises”….and end at “making noises only” . That’s it  Period  !
Eventually, what happen ?……..both the Casino & Ministerial Salary White Paper  “turned”  into a Bill  and was Pass, Accepted  & Adopted.
Even the Minority Opposition in Parliament couldn’t do a  thing  as they were “out numbered”.
Are we going   to “sit by this time round  and just make noises  and do nothing further about it “ ???
Did  you, as a  Young Singaporean , gave a Deep thought of the implication  or did you just simply  accepted what  those Minister  said  ? ( Nevermind abt me,old ardy )
I hope Young Singaporeans  and Young Parents  give  themselves  a “deeper  thought” into the implications  and  the “deeper implications  that will  happen behind the scene” which you have “No Control later on” ( once the Bill is pass if it is not met with  any REAL form of RESISTANCE ).
I  tend  to read  “deeper”  into  the  purpose of this White Paper  ,taking into consideration of  the timings of release  and recent events.
I tend  to  “reflect” and “compare’ past  experiences  and  “microscope into the hidden details of their usual “ Legal  tricks” they use.
The old trick didn’t work. Dr Chee didn’t take the bait .
Their  “Heavy Guns” also did not managed to WIN and instead lost by a BIG margin.
If you were “them” , wouldn’t you  “pressed  the PANIC  Button”, knowing that 2016 will be the critical election year  and the existence or disappearance of Pap ???
If you were “them” , wouldn’t  you  “start  your 2016 defence strategy  and also your Dirty Tricks” now ??
Always be aware and be on your Guard  “triple time the effort” when a  “smiling  tiger Salesman  who has just  lost a Bundle to you tells you that your future is Bright under his New plan & Product offerings.
What   White Paper ?  Really  ?  …..or more of a  “Trojan Horse Paper in disguised” ?
I find it  FUNNY and  Strange  that a Salesman who admits  he lacks 20/20 vision  and acknowledges  the  short comings  that  are still “ existing”  as we speak and write at this moment , tells  you that  he is now “expanding his business” and is about to  “solidfy” his plan ??
Hold On please,….lets   get our  basics  right  first….lets “clear  existing pblm now” before we  talk further …OK  ?….Logical ?…..fair request ? ….rite ?
Why I say it is a Trojan Horse White Paper  ?
If you draw parallel  examples of other White Paper ie Casino & Salary…..I am pretty sure ( if we do nothing again this time )…this White Paper will be “Bull Dozered through and Pass  and be adopted  in Double quick time leaving  all  ( including Opposition ) speechless.
The way I see it , this  Salesman  needed  a Good Sales pitch and thus  came out with  a  “beautiful  Population proposal” to you so that  it can make some sense and be certify  fit  for discussion  in  Parliament.
Do be careful  !   When  the Bill is Pass  without SOLID  Resistance, it means  the “license to kill & act” has been approved and accepted.
What and Who is to stop or regulate the”permissible”  quantity  , speed and time frame within a work year as to the awarding and giving away  of New Citizenship ?  Answer : Nobody  ,except them.
So, if you were “them”……are you going to  award New Citizenship ‘a little at a time “??? ………or are you going to “execute your plan, take advantage and start  awarding like Nobody business  quickly  , 24/7/365 ,as much as possible from now and stop just before 2016…..all under the name  and guise of  “Parlimentary  approved  and part of  the Population expansion plan”?
If  what I suspect were  to really happen…….it would “spell the end of all True blues  voting rights” as your “Vote”  will essentially be “drowned” by all the New Citizens who will likely 99.9% support them like god.
Even the 7 WP MP will become “Useless” and all Opposition will  “fall and disappear”  to ground zero again  and will never have any chance to “recover” again.
To me, this White Paper  presented  at this moment  in year 2013 is too early and do not make sense.
The Only sense that make sense  is that  this White Paper is “a Cover” , a “Smoke screen” …a 2016 Trojan.  Once the “license is obtain in this 2013 Parliament “…everything changes  and the “death  of all True blues rights” begins.
A  “Genocide” has begun……ironically ,with Us  ,actually “approving it” ( by doing nothing to stop it ).
I  am Worried ,  very Worried  .
This is DEAD SERIOUS  matter  and NO LONGER  a “talk Cock , complaining, noises stuff”.
We  ALL   have to “UNITE” and “ACT  TOGETHER”.
We  have to make a STRONG , SUPER  STRONG  PETITION, …..a well co-ordinated Petition  (peaceful one of course ).
I think its Time for WP  to “step up”  and  “take the lead”.
I would  expect  WP  to “lead the Rally”of  a well “Co-ordinated  , standardized ,properly drafted and  written Petition letter  ,a  solid ,legal Petition letter  to be distributed  Islandwide  to all NGOs, Student Activist , Volunteers  …. spread  out, fanned  out , setup Petition signing  kiosk  Islandwide  and gather the largest Petition record that Nobody ,no even Pap can deny.
We  have to STOP  this White Paper from being adopted in 2013 now !!!!!!!!!!
At Worst ,……..we have to get it Postponed  and  be tabled only after  2016 election, where the next New Government of the Day shall  then decide.
I  really see NO Urgency  in this White Paper to be Tabled now ….the only “clear worrying sign”  that I can see why it is  “eagerly being pushed now”….is none other than to find a legal means to “drown off” all  the Opposition Supporting True Blues  with  a larger amount of New Citizens come 2016.
So, please  WP,….please show Us the way and lead with this Petition…. there is No point to debate as you are still a minority…..only a large Petition can STOP this Nonsense and dirty trick being played.
Lets all act together now.  Walk the Talk and not Talk the Talk  !!!!!

Kan Yew

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